Kanye West - Power

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Great Visuals. Right to the point.

Let Me Put You On: Childish Gambino

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If you don't know who Donald Glover is offhand, I don't blame you. But if you see his face and don't immediately recognize his awesome, Punch yourself in the face. This man of many hats started off virally, through his sketch crew, Derrickcomedy("Bro Rape" should come to mind), then went on to write for NBC for "30 Rock."

His most recent work, aside from starring opposite Joel McHale in one of todays funniest sitcoms, "Community," is rapping under the moniker Childish Gambino. I know, the name is something to scoff at, but once you hear the music, you'll be an insta-fan. This guy can do no wrong on the mic. From the beat selection(live instruments) to the enunciated flow, the introspective honesty in the lyrics, to the clever wordplay/punchlines that make you pause for a second, then chuckle to yourself at how witty it was, He's spitting something proper. Reminds me of a Kanye/Lil' Wayne/Drake hybrid.

He already has the resources, all he needs is the attention. I for one, like my music non-shitty, so he's got my support. Now I'm showing it. you can download the album at www.culdesac-album.com and click here for his other mixtapes/projects. Follow Donald Glover on twitter here. Catch his blog at www.iamdonald.com

Below is his live video for my personal favorite off of "Culdesac."

"F**k S**t Stack" by Reggie Watts

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LOOSEWORLD x Waverly Films: Reggie Watts in F_CK SH_T STACK from LOOSEWORLD on Vimeo.

This is awesome. The days are counting down until we witness Reggie Watts become the greatest entertainer the world has known. Apparently, he's been dormant as of late because he's been working on this BOMB ASS VIDEO for "F**k S**t Stack" and a CD/DVD appropriately titled "Why shit so crazy?!" I could go on about the meaning of the song and it's message about the lack of content in hip-hop, but i won't. just enjoy the visuals.

My News, In A Nutshell...

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Seriously why I don't watch the evening news anymore.

Kate Beckinsale for Esquire

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Kate Beckinsale shot for Esquire HD from Greg Williams on Vimeo.

In my absence...

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I've been changing. As much as a person could. This is no poem.
It's a statement. I've found a new me and I've been digging him out
through action. I do what applies to me and the only people that matter don't
so, having said that, which side are you
This started as a sentence, ending as a statement
fuck labels, im better
no substances
thats the thing of mind control, life control
bet I control everything in front of me
eyes on the prize, live simple
great minds are disguised, don't live single like Kadisha
Independence is a lie, Interdependence is life
And that's all I have
To say...

Atta Boy

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Reggie Watts vs. DieHard

If you know me, and you probably don't, then you'd know about my undying love for Reggie Watts. Google him. He's incredible. This was just in my inbox randomly, so I checked it. Needless to say i was immediately satisfied. Support this man and his craft; you'd be doing yourself a huge disservice if you don't.

Suga Man

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Wow. I did not make the connection with NaS' "You're Da Man." Straight Zone out music on a rainy day. I think it's the musical influences that make me feel older than I am. As well as my genius I.Q. Seriously, find this entire album and light some incense, clean your room, and enjoy.

I Hope This Is What I Think It Is.....

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I need answers. Cloverfield 2? Anyone?

If so, this would be EPIC.

EDIT: Most likely fake. Fan-made. Still, it would be awesome if it were real. I'm gonna go cry now.
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